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Exclusive interview with FIDM!

Hey all! FIDM has no doubt helped me achieve my goals over the past 2 years and helped shape Toby Clothing into what it is today! I was very fortunate to get an interview with the digital arts department & invite you all to check it out to learn a little more about the Toby… Read more »

A Truly Belated Update

Hello all! I must start by simply apologizing. You see, I was SO excited to get things going with the new Toby Clothing image, fresh shirts, and this website, but there was one little thing I had going on that I had to commit to. FIDM has done a ton for me academically and I promised to myself that… Read more »

Sticker Slapz!

Slapped your Toby Clothing stickers somewhere cool? Send me a pic of it & I’ll throw it up on here! :]