Exclusive interview with FIDM!

Interview pic previewHey all! FIDM has no doubt helped me achieve my goals over the past 2 years and helped shape Toby Clothing into what it is today! I was very fortunate to get an interview with the digital arts department & invite you all to check it out to learn a little more about the Toby brand, check out a Q & A, and view my works! If you have a minute, check it out HERE :]

A Truly Belated Update

Picture of justing in suit holding toby sign Hello all! I must start by simply apologizing. You see, I was SO excited to get things going with the new Toby Clothing image, fresh shirts, and this website, but there was one little thing I had going on that I had to commit to. FIDM has done a ton for me academically and I promised to myself that I would put in 110% to graduate and graduate strong. Boy did that pay off! I ended up finishing very well and got to spend one of the most amazing days of my life with all of my friends and family as they watched us throw our caps into the air and celebrate. I’m back to reality now that school is out of the way and am ready to show you guys some really cool stuff! I will be working around the clock to bring you the very best this year and have you begging for more! :] I hope all of my fans are still with me and again apologize for the belated updates! I have an interview for FIDM that I did coming up next week & I’ll be sharing it with you all asap! :] Thanks for everything, <3 Toby

Sticker Slapz!

Slapped your Toby Clothing stickers somewhere cool? Send me a pic of it & I’ll throw it up on here! :]